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Meet Miss Bret

Efficiency Strategist   |   Training Specialist   |  Brand Strategist

Since she was a kid, Bret Townsend has had a passion for organizing, writing, planning, and showing people how to do things. But she packs a major professional resume that blends her military and corporate experience.


As a Small Business, Brand, and Efficiency Strategist, Bret helps people get organized and positioned to operate more efficiently. Say hello to growth!

She is SavvyPro's Chief Strategist and sole owner; a proud Chicago transplant now happily residing in Georgia.


Bret's desire to share her skills with learners became more prevalent in the direction she took her business. Since then, her reach has grown exponentially!


Bret LOVES providing brand and business solutions designed to enhance the operations and brand reach of small business owners and public figures!

SavvyPro is the culmination of years of always being the go-to person to help people get organized, flesh out ideas, develop processes and systems, or simply be better at day-to-day lifestyle enhancements.

Bret Brings:


M. Pickett

This course/training workshop was extremely informative. I have learned so much in regards to investing in my brand and self. I am looking forward to applying these notes and resources.

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