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Streamline Your Projects with Expert Consulting!

SavvyPro Freelance offers a uniquely assembled line of solutions that include consulting, training, and public speaking, ensuring you're equipped with a comprehensive toolkit for success.

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Guidance from a Pro

Benefit from Bret's extensive experience as she guides you through strategies tailored to your unique project, ensuring you're on the path to success.

Personalized Attention

Receive undivided attention during our meetings, allowing for a deep dive into your project's nuances and challenges.

Strategic Documentation

With the summary and notes add-on, you'll walk away with a comprehensive document capturing the discussed strategies and ideas, serving as your roadmap moving forward.


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How It Works



Choose from the array of solutions below.


Complete the contact form.


If any additional paperwork is required, it will be sent to you.


A link to schedule a Discovery Call /Project Needs Assessment Call will be sent to you.


Upon completion of the call, you will receive the applicable paperwork to get started along with your invoice.


The next steps are taken once all deliverables are submitted.

Elevate your projects today – let's transform your ideas into impactful realities!

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Welcome to a world of strategic growth and transformation. Our suite of expert consulting services empowers you to unlock your project's full potential and achieve remarkable results.


1:1 Strategy Call Sessions

One Hour of Brain Power

Refine and Clarify: Elevate your ideas with a personalized strategy session. Gain clarity, direction, and actionable plans in just 1 hour. Refine your concepts and leap into action with our rapid-fire brainstorming. Summary and notes will be developed so that you walk away with comprehensive next steps to capture the discussed strategies and ideas, serving as your roadmap moving forward. Format: Zoom Video Conference  #GrabAPen

Phone Call Only (shorten the wait) - $200

Bypass the scheduling intake process. Have your notebook and pen ready for this. If you want me to hop on a call ASAP and want to skip the notes by Bret, we can do a phone-only call, and you will receive insights on the spot. Note: YOU will be the one taking notes for this call. Format: Phone Call. Bret calls the client.

Strategic Plan Development

12-Month Success Plan or Brand Plan

Success Plan:  Shape your year ahead with our 2-hour strategic session. Dive into a comprehensive annual plan, outlining objectives, challenges, and resources for your special project. Receive your personalized planning template to continue your success journey.

Brand Plan: Get on track with our 2-hour guided session that is all about the #BusinessofYourBrand. Clarify your brand's purpose, mission, and values, crafting a clear operational strategy. Receive your personalized brand blueprint to continue building your brand with confidence.


Special Projects Oversight
Starting at $6000

Project Time: 30-90 Days

Gaining Control: For the boldest endeavors, we offer comprehensive oversight. Secure a high-impact collaboration to transform your organization's trajectory. The mission is a BIG deal when it comes to agencies and organizations, and the workload may be bigger than what you’ve anticipated. Or perhaps you haven’t even anticipated the workload and want to take a proactive approach to discovering what processes, planning, systems, and skills are needed to complete your project. If you are dedicated to executing the mission, this is the option for you.

On-Demand Consulting
Starting at $0

Solutions 24/7

Digital Downloads on DEMAND
eBooks | Checklists | How-To
Guides | Strategic Systems

Your time is your most valuable asset. Our resources are available 24/7, ready for you to dive into whenever inspiration strikes.

If you are ready to take control of your brand, ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, and conquer your business goals like a true professional you can start here. The Strategy Hub empowers YOU to get organized, stay on top of your game, and make your business elevate - all on YOUR terms!


Digital Brand Audit

Project Time: 2 Weeks

“Formerly called the 2-Hour Strategy Jam Session, Bret’s signature service”

The Business of Your Brand: The Digital Brand Audit is a personalized and results-oriented evaluation of your brand's digital presence. This service encompasses a comprehensive analysis of your digital platforms, social media, imagery, and messaging to assess their alignment with your brand strategy and objectives. After completing the audit, a 2-hour review meeting is conducted to discuss audit results, allocate resources, and outline planning strategies. This Brand Audit not only clarifies your brand's purpose and current position but also charts a course for its future. The meeting serves as a foundation to map out project needs, and subsequent products, services, and content creation are determined based on the outcomes.

Add $150 (over 50% discount) to receive  60–Minute Social Media for Public Figures Literacy Training


Operational Audit
Starting at $6000

Project Time: 4 Weeks

The Operational Audit is a deep dive into an organization's processes and performance goals. This assessment rigorously evaluates procedures, processes, and systems to gauge the operational efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the business. The primary objective is to unearth avenues for enhancement, pinpoint resource requirements, and formulate solution recommendations. Upon completion, a comprehensive audit report is provided during the final call. The Operational Audit delves into the core of your organization's operations, aiming to uncover areas of optimization and growth, and provides actionable insights to fuel positive change.

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Training Workshops Overiew

With a unique and engaging training style, Bret's approach is impactful, interactive, and assertive. This approach allows for the effective delivery of essential knowledge and concepts in diverse environments. Notably, Bret has extensive experience training diverse groups, ranging from individuals to large audiences.

Rich History

  • As a Training and Implementation Specialist at one company, Bret trained over 550 employees across various seniority levels, traveling extensively to more than 24 different locations nationwide. This experience led to the development of consistent training strategies and improved skills in technical writing and systems creation.

  • As the Learning and Development Manager for a tech startup, Bret specialized in training soft skills and leadership. A significant contribution, as only a fraction of employers find their entry-level employees to possess necessary soft skills despite their essential nature.

  • Bret's Navy background spans 13 + years of training sailors, highlighting expertise in crowd control, interactive teaching, stress-based instruction, and effective communication. Bret's dedication to improving training methodologies is evident through the creation of SOPs and standards, contributing to operational efficiency.

Curriculum Design
Starting at $700

Project Time: 4 Weeks

Knowing how to do something does not mean knowing how to TEACH OTHERS to do that something. The hard skills learned to do a job do not include the technique of designing an educational program for us to teach those hard skills to others. Unless you are a Training Specialist. This package offers a project scope that reviews training program needs to include instructional hours, skills gaps, and appropriate deliverables to deliver a dynamic learning experience. This service can be paired with the training workshop options below if you would also like the course facilitated by SavvyPro Freelance.



Conference Room

SavvyPro Freelance offers a range of tailored learning solutions catering to various audiences, addressing specific training needs. A needs assessment for your specific audience is conducted to ensure proper fit. These solutions aim to bridge knowledge gaps and upskill learners, ultimately increasing effectiveness. The costs include preparation time, deliverables, and the hours dedicated to face-to-face instruction. Standard sessions are available with a minimum turnaround time of 2 weeks, while modified or customized sessions typically require an average production time of 4 weeks.

Click here to see the list of standard training topics...

2-Hour Individual

Starting at $500

This is a 1:1 laser-focused training session. With you as the only learner you get specialized learning experience and direct examples of how to apply the training objectives to your needs. If you aren’t a group learner, or just prefer a 1:1 tutor-like session, this is the perfect choice for you.

4-Hour Group

Starting at $1250

Maximum attendees: 45 

4 hours of practical training that can be immediately applied during class. These sessions are interactive discussions designed to make you think and make you excited to apply what you learn. Deliverables and templates for you to take with you are included in the service cost.

7-Hour/Full Day

Starting at $2500

Maximum attendees: 35

Nothing beats a deep dive into a topic or set of closely related topics that share common objectives. If you want to treat your team to a day of fun, learning, and insight, this is 100% the way to go. These sessions are designed to stick with you as you move forward to implement learning strategies demonstrated during various modules of these sessions.


Starting at $5500

Maximum attendees: 50

A seminar is absolutely the way to go if your team’s love language is learning and knowledge. Seminars can range from 1-2 full days and are centered around a common learning objective. This is impact at its best!

Coming Soon

Check back in 2024 for more professional development opportunities!

Coming Soon

Automated Digital Solutions

Your 24/7 Consultant

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Your Dreams, Your Timeline, Your Success

  • Want to kickstart that business idea at 2 am because inspiration knows no schedule? Go ahead, download the guide, and take the reigns!

  • Ready to fine-tune your branding to perfection? Download the guide, and let your creativity flow - your brand, your vision!

  • Eager to turbocharge your digital network and connect with like-minded professionals? Download that checklist and watch your network expand!


  • Small Business/ Solopreneur Solutions

  • Brand Development Solutions

  • Productivity Solutions

  • Plan & Goal Setting Solutions

  • Organizational Systems Solutions

It's time to stop waiting and start creating! The Strategy Hub is your DIY partner in success, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Take control of your future, explore our resources today, and remember - you don't have to wait for anyone to get started!


“Bret’s executive presence was one of the first things I noticed about her before I ever heard her speak. But, when Bret speaks, you listen. And listen well too, because once she starts dropping gems she just kicks into high gear and you’d better have a pen and pad ready to go.”
- W. Smith

With a colorful childhood on Chicago’s South Side, a clipped college experience that ended after just one year, an early start in corporate, and a military career that spans 15 + years, Bret brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation. She uses a strategy to incorporate all of her varied experiences to help others navigate life’s little “throat punches” as she likes to call them and stay encouraged and ahead of the game.

Bring Bret in for:

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Panel Participation

  • Informational Briefs

  • Event Hosting

  • Conferences

  • Youth/ Group Mentoring

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