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SavvyPro Freelance, llc. is a Strategy Consulting Firm for Entrepreneurs, Public Figures, and Organizations in need of efficient process implementation and brand strategy. It is run solely by Chief Strategist, Bret Townsend, who specializes in Strategy and Operations Consulting.

Savvy consulting techniques are structured to offer business operations efficiency and brand positioning through strategy planning, creativity, and follow-through. SPF’s borderless work model fosters a mobile business designed to work and collaborate from anywhere. We work as a team, consultant and client, to help you get the brand of your business established, developed, and implemented so that you can focus on your craft. 


SavvyPro Specializes in Three Primary Pillars of Service:

1. Small Business Consulting & Brand Development

2. Special Projects Consulting & Strategy

3. Professional Development Training & Resources

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Digital Downloads that include freebies, checklists, guides, and ebooks!
I have worked diligently to provide a savvy variety of electronically downloadable resources. In the #StrategyHub, you will find an awesomesauce selection of organizing tools and guides that outline Business, Branding, and Social Media hacks.
The Business of Your Brand = The Brand of Your Business

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Meet Miss Bret

Efficiency Strategist - Training Specialist - Brand Developer

Meet Bret, The Idea Fairy


Yes, it's Bret, with just ONE "t". =)

As a Small Business, Brand & Efficiency Strategist, I help people get organized and positioned to operate more efficiently. Say hello to growth!

I am SavvyPro's Chief Strategist and Sole Owner; a proud Chicago transplant now happily residing in Georgia's very own DeKalb County. SavvyPro is the culmination of years of always being the go-to person to help people get organized, flesh out ideas, develop processes and systems, or simply be better at day-to-day lifestyle enhancements.


When I moved to DeKalb County, my desire to share my skills with my under-serviced and underexposed community became more prevalent in the direction I took my business. Since then, my reach has grown exponentially. I LOVE providing brand and business solutions designed to enhance the operations and brand reach of small business owners and public figures!

What you get when you consult with Bret:

- 16 years of corporate experience

- 11 Years of Military and Civilian training experience

- Countless hours of experience in analyzing, improving, and implementing processes and  systems

- A targeted approach to branding solutions to establish positioning and improve reach

All wrapped up in one saucy, unique, results-driven package.

I help leaders get their professional brands positioned for project launches. 

Savvy Strategic Solutions


Business Brand Strategy Consulting

Special Projects Strategy Consulting

Professional Development Training & Resources

Public Speaking & Hosting

How It Works

What Happens When You Collaborate With The Strategy Ninja

Everything has a process.

If you like my work or would like to get solutions for your professional needs here is a quick workflow:

How We Collaborate

[1] Complete the Book w/Bret Contact Form & Schedule our FREE 30- Minute Call

[2] I will send you my Prospect Intake Form to complete that has a few questions to help me get a better picture of what you have, what you want, and the type of solution you will need from me.

[3] We have our next meeting to discuss our project collaboration kick-off and I inform you of any information or documents I will need to officially start.

*And then we have our 2 – Hour Strategy Jam Session*


 Let's Get Started Bret! 

The 2- Hour Strategy Jam Session

SavvyPro's signature #BrandAudit that serves as benchmark and strategy ground zero.

A Strategy Jam Session is a one-on-one strategy brainstorm meeting between you and I about the business of your brand.  This Brand Audit helps you to understand the purpose behind your brand, where it stands currently and where you want to take it in the future. During this meeting we begin to map out your project needs. I’m going to be asking questions, requesting information and possibly even files to begin the planning, strategizing and implementation process consultation. Any products, services and content creation needed will be decided on according to what we come up with.
This 2- Hour Strategy Jam Session is a Benchmark Brand Audit Package that includes:
•    Thorough audit of all online professional and social media profiles and internet search. 
•    In – depth post – audit results review with Digital Brand Concept review
•    Next steps suggestions with timeline based on your goals
•    60 – Minute Social Media Literacy Training


Public Speaking

The Power of Perspective is a Game- Changer! Let me show you how!

In 2019 I launched my blog The Teal Perspective to help spread practical best practices to others. In 2020 I launched my #PublicSpeaking career dedicated to the same mission to help mentor & inspire others young and seasoned. In addition to leveraging the power of perspective to change your life,

I speak passionately on the Power of Perspective in:
- Overcoming Adversity

- The Brand of YOU (professional Brand Building)
- Making Good Decisions & Critical Thinking
- Setting & Achieving Goals
- Conflict Resolution
- Personal Protective Safety & Survivability Skills
- Workplace Professionalism/ Soft Skills

Whether in-person or virtual, Bret gets the message across.

Interested in having Miss Bret speak at your organization, panel or event?

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People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou 

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