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About Savvy Solutions

Savvy Solutions To Get You Organized

You are bringing in the consultant to outsource your business - building strategy. We establish clear client goals and work against specific objectives with continuity, efficiency, and productivity in mind so that YOU, the client can focus on the service of your business. We utilize those same strategies to work with thought leaders on special projects from idea to execution.

With a guided system of SPF processes, strategies increase your business growth, presence in the marketplace and strengthens your brand reputation. This is essential when increasing brand awareness and reach, all which lead to increased revenue and engagement.

Small Business & Brand Strategy Consulting

Numbers Don't Lie

- 64% of brands follow other businesses on social media.

- 49% of small business owners say they do their own marketing.

- 90% of people that use social media communicate with business through it.

- 63% of social media users expect brands to offer customer service through it. 

SavvyPro solves the knowledge gap between business owners and:

1. Brand Literacy

2. Digital & Social Media Literacy

3. General Business Acumen

4. Professional Business Operations & Processes


Being a Solopreneur can be taxing. It is important to understand that being good at the business of your business makes the difference between success and failure. At SavvyPro, bridging that knowledge gap is part of the key strategy to get the brand of your business and business of your brand organized. 


Special Projects Strategy Consulting

I'm always eager to put on my Strategist Hat on to get the job DONE. I use my knack for efficiency and snuffing out the unnecessary to get projects organized while collaborating with the organizer.

Special Projects planning includes:

  • Neighborhood Initiatives Planning

  • Community Strategy Consulting

  • Curriculum Design & Specialized Training Workshops

  • Copywriting and Creative Writing

  • Technical Writing/Document Creation

  • Organizing and Systems Implementation

  • Database Creation

  • Public Speaking and Mentoring

Professional Development Training & Resources


Live and Online Training - Curriculum Design

I've trained large groups, small groups, and individuals. True trainers have a unique skill set. Not everyone can train or keep an audience engaged, But I DO! My style is impactful, interactive, and assertive. I've found a way to deliver much-needed knowledge and concepts in a different environment, on my own terms and I am SO excited!

- At one company, for over 4 years, I trained over 550 employees at all levels of seniority. I traveled to over 24 different locations nationwide and sessions ranged from 1:1 to over 30 people. I developed strategies and methods to deliver a consistent method and sharpened my technical writing and systems-creating strategies.

- For another company, I trained soft skills and leadership as the Learning & Development Manager for a tech startup. Did You Know? Although 97% of employers said soft skills are essential, only 37% of the same set of employers said their entry-level employees possess the necessary soft skills.

- In the Navy, I’ve been training sailors for 12 years in both the classroom and on-location. I've trained HUNDREDS of sailors at all levels. I developed skills in crowd control, gauging interaction, training under stress, and communicating the big picture. I've written SOPs and developed standards for those who come along to follow and use as a road map to efficiency. I still travel and train and implement systems and I LOVE IT!

Training Workshops Offered Include:​

1. Social Media for Public Figures

2. Goal Setting & Execution Strategies

3. Organizing at Any Level

4. Acts of Privacy (Internet Usability Strategies)

5. The Business of Your Brand

6. Professional Career Strategies

7. How Not To Be BROKE Broke

Let's LEARN!

Training Specialist
Bret Speaking.jpg

Public Speaking & Mentoring

Bret, has an innate ability to impact individuals from diverse backgrounds, bridge ideological gaps, and improve outlooks and perspectives through experience and strong collaborative experiences.

She is passionate about enlightening others to see past what's in front of them to create vision, set and achieve goals, and encourage critical thinking and proactive habits. 


She has experience speaking to large and small groups of all ages and backgrounds thanks to her still being an active Navy Reservist and Civilian Training Specialist and Mentor.


She leads by example as a positive contributor to today's society and serves as an example of what it is to overcome adversity and not be stuck s being labeled a product of your environment. 

Whether in-person or virtual, Bret gets the message across.

Interested in having Miss Bret speak at your organization or event?

Click the button below to get started!


Book Bret For:

- Key Note Speaking

- Panel Participation

- Motivational Speaking

- Informational Briefs

- Event Hosting

- Conferences​

- Youth Group Mentoring 

Events and Information Sessions

If you have ever been to one of my Training Workshops, Classes, or Info Sessions, you know that I do not do dull. Miss Bret hosts one-of-a-kind interactive sessions that engage, educate, and empower attendees. 

Professional Development


She boasts of 12 years of real-world training experience in various environments for different audiences. True trainers have a unique skill set.

Not everyone can train or keep an audience engaged, but Bret does! Her style is impactful, interactive, and assertive. She has found her own way to deliver much-needed knowledge and concepts in a different environment and on her own terms!

 Why you should attend a Savvy Workshop

- Increase process efficiencies
- Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
- Increase strategy innovation
- Increase knowledge and awareness of various issues
- Improve skills and comprehension


- 90- minute minimum interactive discussions

- Results - Driven Activities and Concepts

- Topics can be tailored to your organization's needs

- Materials provided by the Instructor

Let's LEARN!

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