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Standard training topics are listed below. If you need to modify any of the topics listed to make them more relevant to your learning objectives, we can outline options during our needs assessment call to make it happen.  

Practical Strategies

Upskilling Opportunities for Anyone

  1. Goal Setting & Execution Strategies

  2. Organizing Strategies at Any Level

  3. How Not to Be BROKE Broke (practical financial responsibility tips)

  4. Workplace Professionalism - 10 Soft Skills You Need 

  5. Career Strategy Foundations

*Custom curricula are available.

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Special Interest

Training for Groups with Specific Interests

  1. The Business of Your Brand - Brand Audit + Plan in a Course (All day or seminar only)

  2. LinkedIn Launcher 101 (profile and platform basics)

  3. LinkedIn 102 for Business (101 required)

  4. LinkedIn 103 for Creatives (101 and 102 required)

  5. Acts Of Privacy (Internet Safety + Social Listening)

  6. Social Media for Public Figures

  7. Calendar Hero - Mastering Google Calendar for Max Productivity

  8. Building Effective Teams

  9. Specialized Staff Training (Varied)

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Other Training Topics

Examples of requested training topics that have been conducted:

  1. Social Media Safety for Youth: Mental health and social media, your timeline diet, online bullying

  2. Small Business 101: The Beginning – Forming a Business Plan and Positioning Your Brand

  3. Getting Organized Team Edition: Communications – Systems – Strategy- And Collaboration Goals

  4. How to use a Specific Application/System 

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