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Professional Development System

There are several planning systems to choose from at SavvyPro Freelance. The 5-Year Plan Leadership Development Program is an an immersive experience designed to get leaders familiar with important program concepts.


The 5-Year Planning System

The 5-Year Planning System is a suite of professional development tools, interactive training sessions, comprehensive leadership development coaching, and trackers that monitor data to advance the missions of each individual learner. This system is specifically designed to implement a strategic approach to practical yet effective planning techniques, goal-setting strategies from idea to execution, and success mindset behavioral recalibration that fosters a proactive approach to putting plans to paper and seeing them through to completion.

Students are introduced to the 5-Year Planning Process at the beginning of their learning journey and are continuously coached and trained on leadership development and planning strategies throughout their training.  They are trained to approach setting and achieving goals with an execution mindset and are encouraged to edit and revisit goals throughout the year.  

The 5-Year Plan Tracking 

+ Resource-Matching System

About the Tracker

The 5-Year Plan Resource Matching System is a powerful tool designed to streamline and enhance the goal-setting and execution process for program learners. This database meticulously records each student's goals and the associated challenges identified in their five-year plan eBooks, giving stakeholders a bird’s-eye view of the students’ challenges. By organizing these challenges systematically, the tracker provides program stakeholders with a clear, consolidated view of obstacles faced by the fellows, along with their aspirations for success. This enables an important data review to assign targeted resources and support to help them overcome these challenges.

This tracker has multiple benefits: it promotes accountability, ensures personalized support, and facilitates proactive problem-solving, thereby significantly increasing the likelihood of goal completion and overall success in the leadership program.

1:1 Planning + Goal Setting 

Coaching Sessions

Each fellow receives individualized leadership coaching to reiterate steps to develop effective goal-setting habits and execution strategies based on their individual needs. Accountability and follow-through are the two very important factors of goal execution. These laser-focused planning sessions begin by showing learners how to think with their end goals in mind. During our individual sessions, we discuss what setting and executing goals will look like for each scenario. These guided, impactful sessions require brainstorming, note-writing, and laser-focused planning.


Highlighted Topics Include:

1. Mindset Shift

2. Goal Setting Strategies

3. Anatomy of a Goal

4. Time Management + Prioritizing Tasks

5. 5- Year Plan Overview

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Training Workshops | Learning Labs

Goal Setting + Getting Things Done

Class is in Session!

Setting and executing goals is imperative to leading a productive personal and professional life. This four-hour interactive critical thinking workshop provides the basic knowledge needed for successful goal achievement. Execution strategies begin with a mindset shift, followed by various strategies, from the importance of writing goals down to how to execute them. Understanding the strategy behind an effective goal journey can lead to much happier, productive, and present lives.


Highlighted Topics:

1. Setting Up Your Goals Effectively

2. Bret’s Setup & Tracking Strategies

3. Anatomy of Goal Execution

4. Tracking Tools & Techniques

5. Recalibration & Setback Strategies

Additional Learning Labs Available for Learning Experience Enhancement:

Getting Organized at All Levels

Calendar Hero: Mastering Your Calendar for Efficiency

Contact Bret to discuss program details.


The 5-Year Plan for Leaders

About this eBook

Guided Execution Strategy

This eBook is your ultimate playbook for new leaders, guiding you through crafting a detailed five-year plan to set and smash your goals effectively. Say goodbye to just daydreaming and hello to an "Execution Mindset" that's all about ACTION.


This digital planning guide is all about activating your success mindset with savvy strategies for focus and accountability. You’ll learn to schedule regular self-meetings, assign accountability partners, and set those crucial reminders to keep your momentum going. And when life throws you curveballs, the recalibration strategies will help you bounce back, reflect on lessons learned, and adjust your plans accordingly. This comprehensive approach keeps leaders organized, motivated, and adaptable, ultimately turning you into a goal-crushing, top-tier leader.


The plan is divided into three main sections:

1.     Mindset: Shifting into goal-writing mode

2.     Begin the Plan: Outlining goals and tasks

3.     Execution Strategy: Key principles for realizing goals.

Leadership Training + Coaching  from Bret

What the Leaders Have to Say...

M. Pickett

This course/training workshop was extremely informative. I have learned so much in regards to investing in my brand and self. I am looking forward to applying these notes and resources.

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