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LinkedIn 15 Checklist

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network in the world!

Four out of 5 LinkedIn users drive business decisions. Your profile is your first impression to businesses and employers. Use this guide to #BossUp your digital resume!

Resumé Quick Sheet

SavvyPro Freelance Resume Quick

Your resume should always be current. Use this Quick Sheet as a guide to make sure you have all of the basic sections completed! #BossUp and put yourself ahead of your peers.


Brand Audit Checklist

SPF - Simple Brand Audit Checklist.png

The business of your brand is YOU. People make business decisions based on what they see on your profiles, images and written pieces. Use this checklist to make sure you are on the right track!

Biz Startup Checklist

SPF - Biz Startup Super Checklist V1 pg1

FINALLY ready to start that business or see how far that idea can go? START HERE! You can't #BossUp your entrepreneurship game without a strategy.