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~ Special Projects ~

"I would like to work with you on a special project Bret"

I'm always eager to put on my Strategist hat to get the job done. I use my knack for efficiency and snuffing out the unnecessary to get projects organized while collaborating with the organizer. 

Special Project types include:

  • Neighborhood Initiatives Planning

  • Community Strategy Consulting

  • Copywriting and Creative Writing

  • Technical Writing / Document Creation

  • Document Organizing

  • Organizing and Systems Implementation

  • Database Creation

  • Training Workshops

  • Public Speaking and Mentoring

Training Workshop Sessions


- Increase process efficiencies

- Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods

- Increase strategy innovation

- Increase knowledge and awareness of various issues

- Improve skills and comprehension


Professional Development

Leadership Series

- Leadership at any Level (Adult)

- Leadership & Self Accountability (Youth)

- Leadership for Managers (Adult)


- Skills: Workplace (Hard & Soft Skills)

- Skills: Resume Writing & Job Hunting


Business Development

- Small Business: Operations, Systems Setup, Business Etiquette

- Small Business: The Beginning. Business Plan & Branding

- How To: Get Organized as a Team (Communications, systems, strategies)


Personal Development

- Skills: Conflict Resolution & Impulse Control

- Getting Organized: All Levels (Day to Day, Time Management)
- How To: Establish & Implement Your Personal Brand
- How To: Set and Execute Goals & Get Things Done



Money Management - How To Not Be BROKE Broke



- 90- minute minimum interactive discussions

- Results - Driven Activities and Concepts

- Topics can be tailored to your organization's needs

- Materials provided by the Instructor



I've trained large groups, small groups, and individuals. True trainers have a unique skill set. Not everyone can train or keep an audience engaged, But, I DO. 

My style is impactful, interactive and assertive. And I've found a way to deliver much-needed knowledge and concepts in a different environment, on my own terms and I am SO excited!


- At my last company over the course of 4 years, I trained over 550 employees at all levels of seniority. I traveled to over 24 different locations nationwide and sessions ranged from one on one or over 30 people. I developed strategies and methods to deliver a consistent method and sharpened my technical writing and systems creating strategies.

- In the Navy, I have been training sailors for 8 years in both the classroom and on-location. I've trained HUNDREDS of sailors at all levels. I developed skills in crowd control, gauging interaction, training under stress and communicating the big picture. I've written SOPs and developed standards for those who come along to follow and use as a roadmap to efficiency. I still travel and train and implement systems and I LOVE IT!

Let's LEARN!

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