What SavvyPro Is:

SavvyPro Freelance, llc. is a Strategy Consulting Firm for Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders in need of organization and efficient process implementation. It is run solely by Chief Strategist, Bret Townsend, who specializes in Strategy and Operations Consulting. SavvyPro takes pride in being a borderless business designed to work from anywhere. 


Savvy consulting techniques are structured to offer business operations efficiency and brand positioning through strategic planning, creativity, and follow-through. We collaborate as a team to help you get the brand of your business established, developed, and implemented so that you can focus on your business. 

SavvyPro Specializes in Three Primary Pillars of Service:

1. Small Business Consulting & Brand Development

2. Special Projects Consulting  & Strategy

3. Professional & Personal Development Training & Resources

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I'm here to give you Savvy Solutions to get you organized. Make your ~savvy~ selection below. 

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