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Meet Miss Bret

Efficiency Strategist - Training Specialist - Brand Developer

Meet Bret, The Idea Fairy


Yes, it's Bret, with just ONE "t". =)

As a Small Business, Brand & Efficiency Strategist, I help people get organized and positioned to operate more efficiently. Say hello to growth!

I am SavvyPro's Chief Strategist and Sole Owner; a proud Chicago transplant now happily residing in Georgia's very own DeKalb County. SavvyPro is the culmination of years of always being the go-to person to help people get organized, flesh out ideas, develop processes and systems, or simply be better at day-to-day lifestyle enhancements.


When I moved to DeKalb County, my desire to share my skills with my under-serviced and underexposed community became more prevalent in the direction I took my business. Since then, my reach has grown exponentially. I LOVE providing brand and business solutions designed to enhance the operations and brand reach of small business owners and public figures!

What you get when you consult with Bret:

- 16 years of corporate experience

- 11 Years of Military and Civilian training experience

- Countless hours of experience in analyzing, improving, and implementing processes and  systems

- A targeted approach to branding solutions to establish positioning and improve reach

All wrapped up in one saucy, unique, results-driven package.

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